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So I'm a fourteen year old girl and my friends were talking about masturbating and it made me feel left out because I've never done it. I've read up a lot on this but I still don't quite get it. I've heard a lot of people say that rubbing your cilt feels good but I can't find mine. I've read porn before and it makes me wet but I can never stimulate myself further than that. Help please???


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Hi guest, first of all I would recommend to get  use to what your vagina looks like by taking a hand mirror and flashlight either in your bedroom or the bathroom get undressed sit on the with your knees raised feet on the floor about 2 foot apart spread your knees place the flashlight on the floor so it's shining on your vagina hold or place the mirror so you can see your vagina then spread our labia open. Starting at the top you will see the clitoral hood just below that will be your clitoris below that you will see your urethra opening where you pee from and below that your vagina entrance, this will help show you            

just add https://www. To the front of that address

To start masturbating as you have found out you need to be turned on try to avoid porn as that can cause problems getting turned on later in life, use your imagination, fantasies or erotic stories and don't just think you have to just rub your clitoris your breasts areola and nipples are also good to stimulate and some females can even get an orgasm from nipple stimulation, you can also just tease your vagina by just stroking your labia up and down either side as you read a story or fantasize it a guy doing it to you. Just do what feels good for you and don't be scared to experiment doing things, the main thing is to have clean hands be totally relaxed and just enjoy yourself.

If you want any more advice feel free to ask :-)