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How long does it take to get used to flats? I bought a pair a couple of weeks ago just for track workouts and short races, and I love the results but hate the aftermath. My calves (esp the soleus) get really sore and stay that way for a couple of days. Wearing the flats is almost like a separate lower-leg workout by itself.

Will I ever be able to wear these things without shredding my legs? Some of my clubmates actually run marathons in flats, but I think my legs would fall off if I tried anything longer than 5K.

Additional info: high-arched, neutral runner, midfoot striker, usually wear lightweight trainers, 60 - 65 mpw, 1 track workout per week, 2 - 3 races per month (varies).


I share your pain. I only get it when I run 10ks in my flats. I've adapted nicely to 5ks. But, I think it did take some time to get adjusted. Are most of your races on the roads? That makes a difference.
You might want to drop by a running store and see if they might have better flats for you. The Brooks T3 and some kind of Mizuno regular shoe are as light as flats, but with added support. That might help you out some.
Oh, and be sure to stretch out your calves after running in your racing flats. You'll pay for it more the next day if you don't.