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I had sex with my girl 4 days ago and she thinks she is prego. How long does she need to wait to take an accurate test?


Hi Nervous,

You need to wait AT LEAST two weeks, preferably three, before testing.  It takes time for the hormone, hCG, that the test looks for to rise high enough to be detected reliably.

She MUST use her first morning urine to test (wake up pee).  It will give the best accuracy.

It would be VERY early for her to have any symptoms 4 days after having sex.  She can be sore and even bleed lightly, spot, just from having sex.  It is also possible that she might get pregnant - but isn't yet.  It takes time for fertilization to occur and then implantation before she is actually pregnant.

If she's nervous she can make herself think she's pregnant and even have some symptoms.

Hang in there!