I'm 38, male, work out as much as I can and while doing squats followed by a bout of constipation, now have hemmeroids. NOT bad but it's still there. I can read online and know of the basics that are on every hemm page, water fiber/veggies, squatty potty (which I had been using), don't strain, go when you have to. . . I have an anal skin tag which morphs from either small or grows into one twice the size, pea size. I've seen a gastroenerologist and he said water, fiber . . . and he said to do nothing I'd say the same if I saw it BUT. . . .  I'm going to have it checked out again see if I can get cut out as it often feels like I have a bug up my ass. Has anyone had a similar issue. It's itchy, tender, doesn't hurt per say, but is REALLY ANNOYING and is dragging down my quality of life. If you are reading this and you have never experienced this, imagine having a large lady bug crawling right UP into your Crack and it can't figure to go in or out the back door!!!! ANY personal experiences would be appreciated. If it's drink more water and exersice, I already know. Thanks.