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I'm pregnant for the 7th times & Im only 24 years old. Ive had 6 abortions & 1 miscarriage.I'm still not ready to have a child but Im scared I might not be able to have one when I am ready.Ive tried every type of birth control method out there.My body reacts to every method different.The pills make me sick....the Depo made me loss my hair....the Nova Ring made me bleed alot.I'm very depressed & strees over my situation.I just dont know what to do know.I need HELP SOON!!!!


I also got sick from the pill and other methods didn't work....

then we found natural family planning!
you use a special thermometer and track your temperature
every morning on a graph
you also check your mucous!

with the 2 you'll never get pregnant again if you obstain while your ovulating!

know that nature makes it so the body is always trying to get pregnant...
so abstinance on those choice days are the best way...or using other methods those days....

the catholic church teaches it,
and as some people use it as birth control,
other's with difficulty getting pregnant, use it the opposite get pregnant!

there's also books on it and the thermometer is available in drug stores!
i wish you luck
it was the only method that worked for us!