Hello, I am 37 years old and blessed to have 3 beautiful children.  4 years ago I had Nova Sure and my tubes tied. It was a very bad time in my life dealing with an abusive boyfriend. I guess I felt like at the time was no way out. I was very depressed because of it. However, My periods were like labor every month PAINFUL. very HEAVY!. been like that since I was 15. My dr said best thing to do was Nova sure. I was stupid and did not look at the results of what else this procedure can do. Which is keep you from being pregnant. I thankfully. am in a totally different spot in my life. I am now married to a great guy and we of course would love to have our own child together. I have seen so many stories of women who had children after nova sure. Which is wonderful. My concerning part is how dangerous this is . I want a child so badly. it makes me so sad to think I might not be able to give my husband a child . but I am praying every day that i will be blessed. I found out that my tubes are not in good condition but was told about IVF. I don't bleed a whole lot but my body has here and there . been light. I am just wanting to know if anyone as anymore information on becoming pregnant after Nova sure with IVF or having your tubes reconstructed if that even works or is a option ?