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Are breast pain, dizziness, low back pain, cramping, etc symptoms of an early pregnancy or PMS? Discuss your situation within this post.

This thread is an extension of the Possible Pregnancy Symptoms 2 Days After Sex...too Early?? thread.


Because it takes a few days after conception for the egg to implant, and that's when your body starts preparing, it is unlikely to experience symptoms as early as a day or two after intercourse. Also remember that in the right conditions, sperm can live up to 5 days in the women's body to fertilize an egg later. The egg is alive for up to a day, so there is a roughly 6-day window that unprotected sex could lead to a pregnancy. Plus, there is still a small chance that even protected sex could lead to it during that time.

They don't tell you this but condoms are not quite as effective as the 97% they claim... that figure is when you take into account the entire cycle. But since it's only possible to get pregnant when you are fertile, the actual effectiveness of condoms when ONLY looking at those times, is lik 85%. The day of ovulation may not always happen at the same time every cycle, even for regular women. It is NORMAL (even for regular women) in times of stress, hormonal imbalance, and sonetimes for no apparent reason, to have your cycle change.

As for the birth control pill, they don't tell you all of the side effects that can happen, such as making your cervix age much faster than the rest of your body. While this may sound gross and not like a big deal, it can lead to cervical cancer, or can create fertility problems even many years after you've stopped taking it. Also, for those who are pro-life and taking the pill, take NOTE: one of the things the pill does is that if you do happen to get pregnant, the pill prevents it from implanting by making the endometrium (uterus lining) too hard to enter. Thus the fertilized egg dies off and is shed with the beeding. So essentially, it aborted the baby, and you won't even have known that anything had happened.

Yes, it is possible to get pregnant from having sex during your period, if you happen to ovulate during it. After your uterus has had enough hormonal stimulation (which usually means ovulation), it tells your body to get ready to shed the built-up blood. The hormones drop off, and could start to build up again as early as the first day of your period, leading to another ovulation DURING your period or within the few days after it. Or it might wait awhile before hormones build up.

The time from the beginning of your cycle to when you ovulate can change a lot, even from cycle to cycle (or it may stay the same for some women, each women is different...but even regular women shouldn't assume that they will always BE the same just because they always have been). If there is not something abnormal going on, or you are not pregnant, then the time from ovulation to your period is roughly 11-16 days. This is pretty much the same from woman to woman.

Whether you are trying to avoid pregnancy or get it, it is a good idea to know when you are ovulating (or to know if you aren't). There are many ways to find this out, but some can be quite costly, so are only worth if you are trying to achieve pregnancy and are having problems. Methods of natural family planning can help with this, and are much CHEAPER. A great method that doesn't require a basal thermometer is the Billings Ovulation Method. It helps you figure out when you are ovulating EACH cycle (since it can change). While it is a bit more complicated than just using a condom, or taking a pill everyday, it has a great many other benefits, including helping the relationship aspect.