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How much milk should i drink each day ? I am 16 years old , female , and i weigh 120 pounds , however i am looking to loose some belly fat. : )


You can drink as much as you want, but it should be either 2% or 1%. Whole milk is fattening and contains a ton of creme. 4 or 5 8oz. glasss a day is the norm. Skim milk is like drinking a glass of water, but holds no fat and essentially has no taste. Whole milk has 150 calories in a cup (240ml) and has 8 grams of fat. I just threw my container away for the 2% info...sorry!

As far as belly fat........sit ups....sit ups....and more sit ups....will strengthen and tone your tummy. Be cafeful that you don't get a girl 6 pack. Yuck!