I just don't understand what is going on. For two years I've gone to the doctor for various symptoms that do not seem to connect. It started with extreme tingling in my fingers and toes, my mouth was hanging off to the side like some extreme catecholamine reaction going on. My foot was kind of inverted a little while I drove. My pulse rate was 110 and I was a psychomaniac trying to make it through my medsurgical clinical. I went to the doctors and they found nothing wrong. At the time I started drinking lactaid milk, which was new to me because I was used to soy milk because I am lactose intolerant. Overtime, I came to learn that it was the milk that was making me sick. Two years later, I am almost giving up on why I am always sick. I don't get the tingling anymore but I get numbness in my throat, some few dots in the back has grown, I recently learned that heat me feel sick like my mind is a complete blank and I get confused and angry. The minute I remove myself from a heated room, I become normal like nothing happend. I now take calcium supplement that includes magnesium and zinc in in which helps me to think and keep from feeling tired. To this day, milk makes me feel weak, I swallow too much mucus, mucus cloggs my eardrum and makes me a "slow learner" as well as affects my mood. I have been nauseas for three months. Without the milk, I have less cases of acid reflux as well. What could this be?