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Hi.. Okay so my boyfriend and I just decided to go ahead and try for a baby. I'm only 19 so I never keep up with my ovulation dates or how long my cycle is but I know it comes around the same time every month and sometimes switches up a little bit. Anyways the first day of my last period was March 26th, we did have sex but he did not cum inside of me. About a week later he didn't come either. The two days that he did cum in me were April 12th and April 14th. Since the 15th I have had really sore breast and they hurt a lot.. I do get that before my period but not to often.. I've notice bloating a little bit as well..  Also when I found a few ovulation caculators it seems that I possilbly was fertile on the 12th of April.. But it has only been 5 days since we had sex. Could these be symptoms of being pregnant? Or just pms? I think my period is supposed to come on the 23rd of April..


Hi there

Assuming you have a 28 day cycle, with ovulation typically happening on day 14, the ‘fertile window’ starts on day 12. If you have longer cycles, say 35 days between periods and ovulation happens on day 21, the ‘fertile window’ starts on day 19. If you have very short cycles, say 21 days and ovulation happens on day 7, your ‘fertile window’ would start on day 5.

If you have unprotected sex within your "fertile days" and he finishes inside, the chances of pregnancy are quite high. Good luck