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Hi, Im 16 1/2 Me and My Boyfriend Are Sexually Active And He Came Inside Of me Today At 6:00 Or So And Im Wondering If i Can Be Pregnant . My Family Females Are Are Very Very Fertile! Im Scared Please Help !


Hi there

Yes, the chances of being pregnant can be quite high if unprotected sex is attempted during fertile days. Here is some info on fertility -

If you have a 28 day cycle, with ovulation typically happening on day 14, the ‘fertile window’ starts on day 12. If you have longer cycles, say 35 days between periods and ovulation happens on day 21, the ‘fertile window’ starts on day 19. If you have very short cycles, say 21 days and ovulation happens on day 7, your ‘fertile window’ would start on day 5.

So, assuming that you had unprotected sex during these fertile days, the chances are quite high. But, you can still take Plan B pills - available over the counter - these are normally taken within 72 hours of sex or soon after sex. The chances of stopping pregnancy is best if Plan B pill is take immediately after sex. You must also learn contraception if you are attempting sex next time and condom is the best option. Good luck