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Well im quite worried that I may have hpv I was with a girl and gave her. Oral sex and then later she tells me oh I have hpv by the now I'm sorta freaking out and on my tongue I have his white looking thing places in the center of it and I don't recall having it before and now im really worried about it, I don't have money to see a doctor I'm way too embarrassed to tell y parents and try to get help, please help. I don't want to live like this it's just so messed up that people will do this to anybody.


HPV(genital warts) is a very common virus among humans. They appear in a number of different ways, white lums being one of them. It is not a harmful virus although can cause irritation and soreness if untreated and will stay with you, in woman I think its more complicated than with men. HSV is the herpes simplex virus. Open sores are the main symptem of this virus

They are two different infections so you probably want to go to a doctor or hospital to clarify what it is you have contracted, if anything and get the treatment you need. Both infections have visable symptoms and there is no 'test' that can be done so seeing a doctor whlist they are visable is a must really.

Swallow your pride and see a doctor, we're all human.

As for what your sexual partner did , that is wrong. They should have told you prior to the encounter so you could chose not to go ahead or at least worn somoe protection so they wouldt transmit the infectio to yuo. I feel the police may look upon this as a criminal offense as she/he is knowingly spreading an infection without taking caution to prevent it from being spred. Sounds quite malicious.

Hope this has been a help.

Remember, swallow your pride see a doctor!