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while I was pregnant I was diagnosed with Hpv. It has been about six months since I gave birth and I went to another gyno for a colposcopy. He then told me that they did a hpv test on me and it was negative. I did have wart like things around my vagina hole, but now they have disapeared. Do I really have Hpv or was I mis diagnosed. If It wasn't that what was it?


Hi! I could think of two possible things. I was also diagnosed with HPV but they were not visible on the outside, I was told I had those condilomas on the inside. I was seen then by another doc who also said I had them (colposcopy) but that they were too small and that they should be checked in 6 months. When I went to see a third person after 3 months, she told me I didn’t have any condilomas at all. I was confused since I thought that HPV can’t get out of the body but then I ran into an info saying that our immune system could kill this virus. So, maybe it was what happened to you too.

Another possible reason ( that I know of) is Mulluscum contagiosum. It seems that sometimes these bumps may be misdiagnosed and mistaken for one another. Mulluscum is also caused by virus and it is also spread by skin-to-skin contact and can be thought of as an STD where condoms don’t help since it is skin-to-skin transmittable.

These are my thoughts, has your daughter suggested anything else?