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My dad recently was diagnosed with colon cancer. He had a low anterior resection 10 days ago and did not require a colostomy. He has been progressing great. He had low grade fevers 99.0-99.6. They worked him up before discharge labs,xray, EKG, Urinalysis. Everything was negative just some atelectasis. His white count had improved as well. We are home now and yesterday he had a 99.1 temp which went away with Tylenol. How long do these lie grade fevers last for? He also started having what sounds like spasms or shooting pain in his pelvic area. He has a 4 inch incision in his pelvic area has anybody experienced this?


Sorry to hear that your dad is diagnosed with colon cancer. Make sure that he goes through the best treatments to cure the cancer. The treatment would also depend upon the stage of the cancer being detected. 

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