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:'( just found out that my ex has Hodgkin's and will be coming to Montreal from Calgary to get medical help,he has nobody here and no place to stay,so even if we have never been on good terms cause he was on drugs and never took care of the childrens needs,I have offered to transform my baby son's room into a room for him so he will not be alone and also so I can take him for his chemo,and do whatever I can to help.

My question to anyone who can answer it for me is:I'm a single mom of 3 kids,first two are his.Will it be too much on me and the kids,is it realy bad to see someone suffering from this sickness,I'm a tough cookie but will it be ok for the kids to be around him,will they get traumatized if he gets worse and passes away,can he pass away,the Dr.'s say that it's in the beginning and that he is lucky he is getting help now,how bad is this??????

Thanks to anyone who answers,thanks alot for your help,I can use all the help I can get..

Yours truly someone who is soooo confused,Teena


I may be better to asist you if you know if it is Hodgkin's or a form of non Hodgkin's if this is non what type of non Hodgkin's is it??? My husband has Modular B Cell Lymphoma which is a type of Non Hodgkins...Let me know and I will see what type of help I can give you....All of this is a type of cancer some can be deadly while others may live a normal healthy life with it....