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Male Patient with Non-Hodgkins Lymphoma dx, August of last yr. Completed first round of RCHOP in December, PET scan in the spring, 2nd round of chemo for maintenance/pre-cautionary.  One month later, patient has fevers in the evening, bed sweats, severe headaches and some joint pain, for 4 weeks...All labs come back "unremarkable" - negative for Lymes, as well. Dr. suggesting another PET scan. Thoughts suggestions?



I also had Non-Hodgkins Lymphoma PMBCL and 6 cycles of RCHOP.  I still get fevers at night, bed sweats, headaches, and am in chronic pain from the treatment.  They have chulked it up to chemo induced myofascial pain syndrome.  I believe the rest is just from chemo damage and in my case my horomes are crazy (female patient here).  I do recommend he have another PET scan to rule out recurrent cancer.  If he's in pain, please don't ignore it.  Life is hard to function from all the damage chemo did and from my experience the after care is lacking.  It's refreshing to see a post from a potential oncologist.