My daughter aged 18 started getting a "pressure" feeling in her head near the eyes and temples 2 months ago. No other symptoms were noted. They performed a L Puncture on Wed the 12th May 2010 and did a head scan. The pressure noted was normal and the tests came back negative. The only outcome found on the scan was that the 3rd and 4th ventricles were enlarged. She is suffering from the obvious headaches and aching body 6 days later. 1. Is this normal? 2. No formal diagnosis was given but Lamictin and Tremoline were prescribed along with Synap Forte. Needless to say she is a walking zombie and the pressure feeling has not subsided.
I took her to a Neurosurgeon this week Monday and he suggested that Hydrocephalus may be the diagnosis but with hesitation as there are NO other symptoms other that the pressure feeling and now a feeling that she is ""slow"". He spoke about a shunt. 2. Is this necessary considering she has no symptoms indicating that it may be h'cephalus?

My 3rd and last question is: In Feb of 2009 she started taking Seroquel as she was not sleeping properly and experienced slight anxiety. She stopped taking it in November of 2009. In Jan the pressure feeling began. Could the sudden stopping of the Seroquel have caused this pressure feeling and who can we see that is specialized enough to sort her out.