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I am 53 and have six youngest is husband had a vascetomy 14 years ago....however, I have missed my last two periods, and I have nausea every morning. Could I be pregnant? Or is the the onset of menopause? After six pregnancies, I know what morning sickness feels like, and this feels just like it. Could a woman my age get pregnant especially with a husband who had a vascetomy? Some have told me YES, and I am in a panic...I am ready for grandchildren, not more children...HELP!


The chances of you being pregnant are very, very slim. I'm not a doctor, but I would definitely guess that you're going through menopause.

Pregnancy morning sickness is caused partially by hormones. So is menopause. So getting morning sickness akin to pregnancy during menopause is also very possible.

If you take a pregnancy test, whether you're pregnant or not, it could turn out positive. Early menopausal women have pregnancy symptoms and positive pregnancy tests. Your absolute best bet is to go to the doctor.


This is not true..

Pregnancy tests will ONLY test for "Human chorionic gonadotropin".

THIS is only present during pregnancy, and with the use of certain fertility drugs.

Menopause does NOT cause HCG to be released.

I am a healthcare professional, I do work in womens health.

NOTHING is 100% birth control, she could be pregnant, but a preg test is the best way to find out.

Pregnancy tests do not just test for 'hormones', they test for a hormone ONLY FOUND in pregnant women. (or those using certain fertility agents)