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When should take a pregnancy test at home?

I think I was pregnant, when can I take a pregnancy test at home?

You must wait until the first day of your menstrual cycle, at least, and maybe more? But why? Because home pregnancy tests measure hormone product they stick to a fertilized egg wall of the uterus, and does not show this hormone called "chorionic gonadotropin human HCG" until the period 6 - 12 days after fertilization, the time varies depending on each case, so a national test when delayed your menstrual cycle days, perhaps because of growing pregnancy.

What is the accuracy of the tests?

Characterized these quality tests completely, in a recent study showed that these tests able to diagnose 90% of pregnancies in the first day of the absence of the menstrual cycle, that had increased to 97% after a week of the first day of the absence of the menstrual cycle.

For a more accurate test results:

1 - Follow the directions specific to a home pregnancy test accurately. 2 - Use Paul first morning in the test, it is characterized by the highest concentration of the hormone HCG.

How does a pregnancy test?

After the baby starts growing production of the hormone HCG, this hormone can be detected in blood and after a short period in Polk, home pregnancy tests can detect HCG in your urine. The test usually requires a test dipsticks or slide TEST STICK in a urine sample, and within a few minutes, indicating the emergence of a point or a line on the test dipsticks to the presence of HCG in the urine or not, if the test is positive, this indicates that the pregnancy. What if test indicated I was pregnant?

If the result is positive,, dress to visit your doctor to begin prenatal care, and ask him Description vitamins during pregnancy.

What if testing indicated that I am not pregnant?

If the result is negative, but still signs of pregnancy and symptoms are present, wait a few days, then a second test is performed or ask a pregnancy test at a clinic doctor.


i have sex nov.18 to my boyfriend. last period of menstruation is nov.11, now dec.12 i have no menstruation. maybe im pregnant?