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To get a few things clear: -My period is pretty irregular going from being anywhere between 28 to 32 days apart every month. -The last period I had started august 22nd and ended the 26th. -According to my APP on my iPhone i was fertile from september 2nd through the 6th and was ovulating on the 5th. -My boyfriend and I were intimate on the 8th and 9th of september. -We always use condoms, and the withdrawl method. And the condoms also never slipped off, or broke. The app estimates that I would get my period on the 19th, and it is now the 24th and I still did not get it. Like I said my period is usually irregular going from 28 to 32 days apart, so I tried to give or take a few days but I still haven't gotten it and it has been 34 days since the last period I had began. If it doesn't come soon I will take a pregnancy test but I wanted some outside opinions since I'm not really sure how all the timing with becoming pregnant works. I don't know the symptoms and when they would start, or when I would have fertilized the egg if I did somehow become pregnant, or when a little belly would start to show. I'm 5'5'' and the appropiate weight (117lbs) for my age and height. I'm not nauseous. About a week ago I had a migraine 3 days in a row and I usually never get headaches. I think I might look bloated but I could also just be very nervous and seeing things. (I'm a very paranoid person). And my breast are a little tender to touch and I believe they are a little bigger, but I understand I could just be paranoid, or that could be a symptom of my period coming soon too... (I usually do not get any signs my period is coming. No cramps or anything.) Any help please? -be nice, no need to be inapropriate or sarcastic. Im just looking for some outside knowledge! Thank you Samantha


I don't really have an answer for you, I do already have a child but every pregnancy is different, I didn't get pregnancy symptoms for my daughter before two months into pregnancy...not even positive blood work or home pregnancy tests...but pls take 2 minutes to read my sortta similar weird situation...

My name is Olivia, I'm 21 years old and this is what is happening to me....The 26 of August 2012 (one week EXACT before my regular period was due) I had light pink/brownish spotting for 6 days, not even enough to fill a regular tampon all day and at night no spotting at all would show up on a thin panty liner. I'm usually extremely heavy for 4 to 5 days EVERY PERIOD. I have taken up to 5 hpt's all just before my period was suppose to be due. NEGATIVE!

Now it's been 23 days since the spotting has ended still NO PERIOD!!!! Around the time I was suppose to have my "actual" period I went to the hospital with constant headaches, cramping and lower back pains. So they took a blood test to rule out pregnancy and as such: the blood test came back negative, along with the discovery that my Thyriod Glands were off balance, which could have been "maybe" causing all these symptoms.

Started taking my Thyroid medication for about three weeks now and still no period???? Headaches are gone and so on...still got some light cramping but nothing to alert and other than that no new symptoms have appeared, the doc said that my usual period should have arrived by now????....Also must keep in mind with my first child there was no symptoms or positives until two months pregnancy (I didn't even know I was pregnant until my bf told me I seemed to have gained weight lol).

I'm gonna have no choice but to continue the waiting game...i'm trying my hardest to tell myself i'm not pregnant, not to play tricks on my mind and body but it's hard because I want this baby so bad! The only symptoms I have right now are late period (of course) increase vaginal discharge and cramping along with bloated belly all of a sudden :( If that brown discharge was a messed up period my next one should have arrived like now!!! And still NO PERIOD!!!! Let me know what happens with you... :)