I got the Mirena Hormonal IUD inserted Jan 2012, couple months after my son was born and had it for little under a year now. Been having problems, I thought I was pregnant again because it is a stabbing pain throughout my stomach. That was going on for three days, finally I had gone through enough pain. I went to the hospital, was in there for five hours, they took blood, felt my stomach, and they also did a pelvic exam. Turns out my cervix is swollen and irritated, the doc swab the area and by that it made me bleed. They couldn't do anything only to inform a OBGYN that I need to be seen right away before more is likely to happen. I am still in pain until I can be seen by the OBGYN til than I have to get through the pain. The hospital can not take it out because they are not licensed to. Safe yourself the trouble and do not get the Mirena Hormonal IUD.