I had my daughter in 4/2010, had an appointment to get a tubal. The office did not tell me i was suppose to be there a hour early so they did not do the surgery. So i went to a local planned parenthood and got the mirena (plastic) adn the same day i am having heavy bleeding and pain. 3 wks go by and nothing changes, pain gets worse. I am now have bac pain and pain in my feet not so much my stomach anymore. I go back to planned parenthood and they say they cant find the string and it probably fell out, but i say no i can still feel it. they never checked by ultrasound. its now going into august because i was not able to find a dr or a hospital that could find it.  I fall at work with pure back and stomack pain can not stand up. my boss takes me to the walk in clinic down the street and i explain the whole story. They do one simple ex ray and cearly the IUD is right there between my spine/hip. slanted just like this (/).  Now i have the xrays but plan parenthood cant take it out. So i call the dr that delivered my baby. The operation is scheduled and i get my tubal while there in there on. the surgery was schedule about 2 wks after but while i got the tubal done they left the IUD in. ( appearently they could not find the IUD). After having to get another xray and several MRIs done they give me a 6 wk waiting period and finally take it out.  was fine after surgery up unitl now. (11/30/2014). since 8/26 i have not stoped bleeding for more the 2 days before it starts bac up and it runs for atleast 2 wees before it stops. there are also blood clots the size of a picle jar cover coming out and now something that looks like skin and sometimes something like a powder substance. Anyone have any idea what any of this is?? please help!!