I'm wondering if I might be pregnant. Took out my Mirena IUD on October 23, after er having it for 2,5 years. I hardly ever had any bleeding while I had the IUD in, but on the 25th October I had my first period, and then my second period on the 28 November (32 days cycle).

Now I am 9 days late, an no sign of a period! Took a pregnancy-test on January 1 and it was negative (Jan 8 today). On jan 2 I felt like I was Pms-ing, and had teeny bit of brown discharge day after. BF and I have been using the "pulling out" since I took out the IUD, but he has never fully ejaculated anywhere near my vagina, is it still possible that I've got pregnant from pre-cum?

I'm currently backpacking through Vietnam (hot and humid). Over the last few weeks I have felt constipated some days, peed a lot some days and had cramps in my stomach (not lower abdomen) some days. But I'm also eating a lot of new foods and drinking a lot?

WThoughts or advice anyone? Please!