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I got my mirena iud put in October 12 well I bleed after they put it in and that last 2 weeks then after that I was having a period normal every month like the frist week of every month then January my period was a week late I thought maybe its the side effect I won't have a period so that period lasted almost 1 1/2 weeks well February I stopped having my period but at the end of last witch is February my family had a BBQ well I didn't think any thing about it but I was feeling really sick like when I was pregnant with both of my daughter I would be picky with the food I ate and then my husband mother came to me and asked me are you pregnant again and I told her no I have the mirena iud she asked me if I was sure because I was sleeping more and I was getting sick but I didn't think to my self my breast were sentive and would hurt bad now I have really bad pain in my side and my ovaries and also my belly I called my ob/gyn to get an apt for it I also took 2 pregnancy test came back negative both of them I was wondering if any one else has this problem and what should I do I tried putting my heating pad on my belly because usually when I get pain i tolerate it to a point but this is at the point where I want to cry my mirena is still there I can fell the strings but my ob/gyn told me my strings where wrapping around my cervix I was also wondering if they can go from wrapping around my cervix to back straight again I just can't be pregnant I have a 7 month old daughter who I got pregnant with in the pill I can't efford anothEr kid that's why I got the mirena in the frist place please help me.!


The odds of getting pregnant on the Mirena are vertually nill.  Like 1 in a million.  The strings aren't what prevent pregnancy, they are only there for removal of the mirena when you go back in.  Like a tampon.  You want the strings to be wrapped because they stay out of the way that way.  If they are straight and cut too short it could cause discomfort to your partner with a poking.  I have had my mirena for about 2 years and I have liked it.  Other than I get a little crampy after sex because my bf hist my cervix sometimes, I wonder if that just bruises or angers it enough to agrivate it and make it painfull.  Periods change and sometimes totally go away with the Mirena.  Irregularity is normal.  But I can assure you, pregnancy is very unlikely if it's placed in there right.