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I had sex with my ex-boyfriend like last month and usually i get my period around the 1st. So far its almost a week late. And im really nervous. Like idiots we didnt use a condom.. and like right now i have this brown like discharge but im not sure what it is. Someone please help i really dont know what too think. Im always worrying, and i just dont know what too do..


Hi Britt,

If you are concerned, the best way to rest your mind is to go and get a home pregnancy test. Probably buy a package with a few, so that you can test again, if your period fails to come.

If your periods are usually regular, it sounds like you might be pregnant. Stress can cause periods to skip also



I did buy one it was negative.
But yet i still havent gotten it.. i mean
what signs are there besides a missed period
too tell that im pregant ? i told my ex too that
the test was negative so now when i told him i
still havent gotten my period its like he doesnt
care. he said the test was negative and til its
positive he doesnt want too talk about it anymore.
should i go see a doctor ?
ty very much. (:
Even my parents are concerned and they dont know
that i had, had sex in the past month. But they know
i have done it before though.
But now my period is over two weeks late.
I just reaallly need help. :/


Depends on when you tested, your pregnancy hormones might not have been high enough at the time to pick up on the home pregnancy test kit. I would say, go grab another pregnancy test and take it just to be sure, by now your hormones should be up. If it still tests negative, then you probably just skipped a period, which happens from time to time with most women. If you are still worried after you test negative, you can go to this place called: Planned Parenthood, they can test you again there, and their tests will not be wrong. They also offer support if you do happen to be pregnant, and they also offer free ways of birth control ( condems, the pill, ect.) If you do test positive with any of the tests, or if you are still concerned, then you should see your doctor.

Hope everything works out.