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I've had several migraines before and I get the aura before hand, which for me is an complete loss of sight and extreme sensitivity to light and sound. My migraines are pretty short lasting between 3.5 to 4.5 hours for the whole thing.

The first time I had a migraine I was at summer camp where we had been camping in tents in the cold for a couple days already. I woke up and noticed my vision was fading and spotting. After about 30-40 minutes of this my sight came back and we started our hike to go rock climbing. And about 20 minutes later that the migraine set in lasting for about 2 hours until I was fine again.

The second time I had one was on a ski trip with my dad and sister. I had also just woken up when my vision started going. It never completely went but was really hard to see anything. About an hour later my vision came back while I was skiing(I had been skiing nearly blind for a couple minutes, lol, but I'm a really good skier so I was pretty safe). And then the migraine set in and lasted an hour or two.

I can't really figure out what is triggering my migraines though. Here's what I think though:
Waking up early
Or a combination of these

Can someone help me figure out so I can be careful?


I've suffered from migraines since I was a teenager (now 48yrs old). Doctor's always told me the obvious things that could trigger migraines: stress, chocolate, cheese, cashews, hormones, etc.
The things that I discovered that trigger mine were foods with MSG, stress, sleeping wrong on my pillow and allowing my neck to get cold.
Really check out the MSG. Some restraunts use it on the salad bar, it is found in most chinese food and many other food items. Read the label contents, if possible to see if MSG has been added.