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My son is 11 and the school nurse called me stating that he had..." Pain in his left eye, almost like something was pushin in on his eye. He also has what he calls TV static around the edges of his vision." She asked him to close his eyes and see if it got better. He stated that it looked like TV static. I told her to give him Tylenol. Is this an ocular migrane?


Hello there jams

This sounds very strange and in my opinion it would be best to take your son to the doctor. It can’t harm if you check if everything is fine with his eye sight and there is no need to risk. Considering your opinion that in question is ocular migraine it is possible.

But ocular migraine is painless and temporary visual disturbances that can affect one or both eyes.

This can be frightening especially when it is happening to 11 year old child. But the good thing is that ocular migraines are harmless and self-resolve without medication within 20 to 30 minutes so giving Tylenol to your son maybe wasn’t necessary at all.

Anyway after examination you will know for sure what is wrong (if there is anything wrong) and keep us posted.