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According to MRI results:

"At the distal of the fifth metatarsal there is mild thickening of the cortex. No acute sign changes are noted. This may indicate evidence of old fracture or old inflmamation in this area.There is mild soft tissue granulation seen about this site. No other acute signal changes are noted throughout. The plantar aponeurosis is unremarkable. The flexor and extensor tendons are within normal limits. The tarsals appear to be intact. The sinus tarsus is unremarkable.

Impression: Chronic changes are seen at the distal aspect of the fifth metatarsal of the right foot as discussed above. This may represent old fracture or old inflammation."


The doctor admitted he doesn't know what is wrong with my foot. He's recommending me take the weekend off from running (I have not run in 6 days) and then start out slowly, with 2 mile runs and build on that. If I start having pain again, he's going to send me to the foot specialist. :|

The weird thing is, my foot does not hurt. I can roll my foot over a tennis ball, there is no pain or tenderness. I can poke my fingers all over my foot looking for pain or tenderness-there is none. This has been a during running and then post-running pain.
Maybe it has just been a bruise and the icing I did on it has cleared it up and when I start running again it will be fine.


Tendons are nerve free so when you manipulate them, ie roll a ball over them, it does not hurt. It hurt when you walk or run because the tendon swells and pulls on other parts that do have nerve endings.

RICE: Rest, Ice, Compression and Elevation.

I must have missed where you said the pain was, so tell me again.

I would check your sneakers and do some other form of aerobic activity to keep your aerobic machine in tune. Water running, biking are a couple of things that may help. Although I admit water running is about as much fun as watching paint dry.



I would recommend a massage. A profession deep tissue massage can do wonders. Plus I would look at the the leg also, not just the foot.