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My main question involves the time frame for healing of tendonitis, what to expect, does my period of recovery sound way too long, etc.

I believe my problem is gastrocnemius tendonitis -- I hurt it mountain biking but running exacerbates it so I've been off FOR THREE MONTHS now. I've seen an ART (Active Release Technique, ever heard of it) guy for about six sessions, but it doesn't seem to do much more for me than just rest, ice and ibuprofen.

I am having a really, really hard time accepting that it should take so long to heal because a) it's not like I even got "injured" in the first place -- it just tweaked while I was riding and b) I haven't been running at all so why am I not better yet???????? in other words, WTF!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Any insights will be appreciated.


Hi Karenah-

I too stressed my achilles tendon. It seemed to come out of nowhere. I'd been running for five years prior, a mixture of straightaways and hill-running. I'd never really injured myself until, one afternoon, following a routine run, I began feeling a little sore directly above my heel. It worsened over a period of a couple of months. (I'm extremely stubborn when it comes to backing off my normal running schedule).

Everything I've read seems to support the icing/ibuprofen/just plain laying off the darn thing regimen. Because I failed to quit running (I did ease back a bit, though) when the injury occurred, my healing time was in the ballpark of about 5-6 months. This was my first injury in five years of running, like I said, and I've been relatively pain-free since my recovery.

My one suggestion is that when you feel it's time to get back to pounding pavement, opt for a treadmill for a week or two. It's a pain in the keister for anyone who adores the outdoors (I count myself) but the 'mill is a lot less harsh on the joints/ligamnets than pavement or track running.

Feel better soon:)

Girl Friday