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For about three days now, I have had a very bad pain in my right arm. It is about the same pain as when I had tendonitis. But on the opposite side of my arm. Any ideas.


Since you had problems with tendonitis before than you are aware what are the symptoms of this condition. Tendonitis is almost always diagnosed on physical examination so if you are suspecting that you have the similar problem again just remember that symptoms of tendonitis include tenderness directly over the tendon, pain with movement of muscles and tendons and swelling of the tendon. So if you don’t experience the same thing again then you are probably just worried because of that you have already experienced all that.

The best thing you can do is to visit your doctor and check with him what is going on. X-ray and MRI-s are not necessary to make this diagnosis so try to tell to your doctor to avoid this. Let us know what has happened in the end.