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I hope I spelled that right.
Okay - Ill try to keep this short. I was running 4 miles on sidestreets and injured my achilles tendon. For various reasons, after I healed, I began running at the gym on a treadmill and had to ease my way into 4 miles on the treadmill. Last week I finally made it back to the track (running on a gravel no slope track) and I've noticed when I first wake up in the morning my achilles tendon is just a LITTLE sore. I ran just under four miles and I havent gone back to the track yet (one day at the gym cross training and I plan on running there tonight). Should I back off, less mileage or walk it or something to get used to the difference between the treadmill and the track or am I okay to just start up again? Im worried about injuring it further.


Tricky question! Try lowering your mileage at the track. It may be the difference in surfaces, the turns etc.. you don't have on the treadmill.

Good luck! What a nasty injury.


Hopefully you haven't tweeked your achillies too badly, achillies injuries can hang around forever unless you get right on top of them early.

So first things first. REST. Take a break from running for say, a week, if you are only running 4 milers you are not going to lose much fitness wise in taking a weeks rest.
ICE - ICE - ICE. the more often the better. 10 mins. on 10 mins. off, repeat 4 or 5 times per day.
Buy yourself a couple of bumpers (heel lifts) and place them in whatever shoes you are wearing at the time. These will take a litle pressure of your achillies by not allowing them to come to full stretch.

After a week and with the lifters in your running shoes try running again by walking 100metres - jogging 50metres - walk 100, jog 50 walk 100 jog 50. etc etc.
If no pain. Next day walk 100. jog 100. Walk 100 jog 100 etc etc.

Remember SLOW progression until you can run your 4 milers again.
When you are confident your on top of your problem, I would remover the bumpers (tend to shorten the tendon) and work on some good achillies stretches.

Good luck and hope this helps you out Mate.