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Hi, I am totally confused over when to pregnancy test and if there's a chance i could be pregnant?... I had the implanon in my arm for 3 yrs and removed on Oct 23 bcuz it expired on the 4th of the same month. I had no pd on Oct, Spt, nor Aug bcuz i was irregular all those 3 yrs bcuz of the implant but once removed (23 Oct) i got it on the 13-14th of Nov and ended like on the 19 . I had unprotected sex on the 25 through 30 of Nov and some days twice bcuz now I do want a baby and I've tested about 3 times negative. We're the 8th of Dec, should I re-test for possibilities still or definitely I am not pregnant ?? I've read that in some cases Women didn't get pregnant in about a yr or 5 after their implant was removed and Im thinking What if that's going to be my case??


Hi Cristella,

It can take a while to get pregnant after coming off the implant but...

You need to wait AT LEAST two weeks after you had sex before the pregnancy tests even have a chance of working.  It's a good idea to wait until you expect your period - which should be in a couple of days.  Even then, if you don't have your period or it is different and the hpt is negative, wait another 7-10 days and then retest.

False negatives are common.  False positive are VERY rare.

Hope it helps and good luck.