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I got my tubes tied, clipped and burnt in 2004. My husband and I cant afford ivf or tubal reversion and are praying that i experience some type of tubal failure. I over this last week or so I have been experiencing fatigue and nausea. Hoping not to see my period in another week. Wish me luck!


Hi Mother,

There is always the chance of a tubal failure.  Mother nature can and often does do wondrous things.

But, I must caution you that usually scar tissue in the fallopian tubes results in an ectopic pregnancy.  It is not viable.  The baby develops outside the uterus.  In such a case, you can have severe pain and a great (possibly fatal) loss of blood.

See your ob/gyn if you are late.  You can use a pregnancy test - use your first morning urine.

Good luck.