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badly need an answer, im on my 6 months of pregnancy now. my last period is on june 22 or 24 me and my bf(a) had sex after my period i think it's june 28 and july 2. i go back to my hometown and had a one night stand on july 14.. august 21 when i go to my ob.. she said i was 7 weeks and 1 day pregnant that time.. i was so confused who is the father is any body here can help me.. please 


Hi 2018,

With a period STARTING on June 22 you'd normally be expected to ovulate between days 11-16 of your cycle or July 3 and July 8.

The egg is only viable for up to about 48 hours max.  So by July 10 it wouldn't likely be capable of being fertilized.

Odds are VERY GOOD that you were already pregnant when you had the one night stand.

Your boyfriend (a) is VERY likely the father. 

Based on your post, 95% or greater.  A DNA test can verify and it can be done now, non-invasively.  Google "non invasive dna test."

Good luck.