Im 15 and a female. Ohkay so a few days ago my voice got deeper, I thought my voice was just changing even though i hit puberty like 3 years ago. Then my thraot started hurting and last night my temperature kept changing one minute i felt like i was freezing and then next like a was gonna sweat. Now i have a really bad cough, sore throat, voice is deep, I can't really touch anything with my body because it feels like needles are in my skin and when i touch someone/something it feels like they go in deeper and deeper, I get light headed and dizzy, and every once in a while the urge to throw up, and I can't sop burping. Last year about the same time i got something that was a mix between mono and something else but this isnt the same thing. I NEED HELP!!

Ps. I've already had my flu shot like a month ago.