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When you are connected with the Source of love, you have healing energy in your hands - not only for others but for yourself as well.

One of the wonderful things that we eventually experience as we practice Inner Bonding® is that we are not alone. As we develop our loving Adult through our Inner Bonding® practice, we feel more and more connected with our spiritual Guidance. At some point, we have so many wonderful experiences of Guidance that we no longer doubt that it is always here for us, guiding us toward our highest good each moment.

As you practice Inner Bonding®, you discover that your feelings are always guiding you, and that the thought and images that pop into your mind are also guiding you. You find that when you open to learning about loving yourself, you can feel that love and compassion in your heart and soul.

And there is another great benefit of connecting with our Guidance: the ability to bring healing energy through our hands, both for ourselves and for others.

Think for a moment about what happens for children when a loving parent holds them when they are hurt or scared. The child is soothed, because parents automatically bring love through their hands as they stroke and soothe the child. Many parents naturally stroke a child's back, which brings love into the child's heart. As adults too, we soothe each other with touch, not realizing that when our intent is to love, we are bringing healing energy through our hands.

The same occurs for ourselves. When feel heartbreak, heartache, grief, sadness, loneliness or sorrow, and we put our hands on our heart, we are bringing loving energy from Spirit into our hearts. Some people naturally put their hands on their heart when they feel core painful feelings, without realizing that they are actually bringing healing to their broken heart.

I always knew that I could bring healing through my hands to others, but until this last year, I didn't know that I could also bring it to myself. There is a wonderful power in knowing that I can do this for myself. I now find that I receive great comfort for my core painful feelings when I put my hands on my heart and acknowledge the pain that I am feeling. I find that acknowledging it out loud is more effective for me than doing it silently. I do it quietly, but I do it out loud now.

I find that being very aware of core feelings throughout the day helps me to release them quickly. I feel the core pain of sorrow and heartache in many different situations, for example: watching a parent being mean to a child in a parking lot, hearing people in a market yell at each other, watching one driver cuss out another, watching any kind of unlovingness in a movie, and if someone I care about is closed to me.

The more I have become aware of my core pain, the more I feel it and the more quickly I can release it. Sometimes I need to cry briefly about it in order to fully release it, and my child appreciates that I allow her to do this without any judgment of being too sensitive. I find that this greatly enhances my energy level, as I am not suppressing it in any way. Rather than it being hard, I find it is much easier to deal with it in the moment than avoid it in any way.

Putting your hands on your heart with a deep desire to be loving to yourself and fully acknowledging the core pain is a truly wonderful way to move beyond the addictions that you learned to cover up the core pain. I hope you try this and practice it until it becomes natural for you.

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