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Hey guys. I got my tongue pierced on Tuesday and its now Sunday and it has a larger hole on the top where the balls begun sinking but my pierced said that's normal. But my taste buds have become a yellow color. My best friend had the same problem with hers and it went away about about a week but hers was swollen bad and was p***y whereas mine is barely swollen, not sore and I can move the bar with no pain! But the yellow taste buds is taken me by concern. Is it infected??



By now you should be okay and your yellow tastebuds may be a product of food building up in the area.  An infection could set in from this.  you might want to remove your piercing from time to time and do a tongue scraping to keep the tongue area clean.  Tongue scrapers are available at the pharmacy where the toothpaste and toothbrushes are.  You know peircing you tongue invites food and bacteria build up in that area so you need to keep good personal hygiene at all times.  I don't have problems with piercings in general but it seems like the tongue is a bad place to do that.  Just because your friends are doing this doesn't mean you should.