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I had a depo shot november last year and havent menstrurated aver since.i heard it takes a while for it to completely exit ones system.i have had unprotected sex three times this month.could i be pregnant?if i am not,how long is it going to be before i start menstrurating again


Hi Clementine,

You will have to get a blood test from the doctors to verify if you are pregnant while your body might be ovulating or not.  When I took Depo I didn't get my periods while on it and after I came off it, it took me over a year before I got regulated with my periods.  You will experience spotting at odd times, pregnancy like symptoms which could be from the hormones regulating and ovulating again, PMS symptoms, and when you get bleeding you may experience short bouts of bleeding or long periods of bleeding.  It is going to be very erratic until it gets controlled again, it will it just takes time.  Any bleeding that is heavy you need to be aware of the rule; if you fill a pad every hour go to the ER immediately or if you are passing clots the size of your fist or larger as well go to the ER ASAP!

Hope this helps