So I am a mum to a beautiful 2.5 year old girl. She was born in July 2010. In Feb 2008 I had an abortion with my first child and was given the Depo injection straight after the abortion that day. I had 2 shots. I was 15 at the time and when I came off the injection I was soon to have my period very heavily but atleast it came. My periods were never greatly regular before hand so don't think I had much problems from there.. I never bled on Depo then and the recent Depo shot I had in September 2012. I only had the 1 shot this time around and never went back for a 2nd. My Depo ran out on the 26th Jan 2013, so now almost 3 months later, no period. To begin with, I had alot of spotting and that but it went away after a few weeks and nothing since.. I had all the pregnancy symptoms recently so thought I was maybe pregnant as my partner and I have regular sex with no contraception. 1 negative test and seemingly have got worse since (in the last month).. I have only jumped online recently to read the horrible experiences people have had with Depo so now I am beginning to wonder..I want another child again soon and I am not bleeding so I believe I am not ovulating so there will be no chance. I understand it can take a year for bleeding to begin again but considering I have been here once before and had no problems, I am beginning to wonder why I am having problems now. Why would my body react differently this time around??? Helpp.