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I had a facial mole removed today from the side of my nose. The mole was 0.5 cm in diameter. I don't know the name of the technique the dermatologist used to remove the mole but he "shaved" it off. When he was doing it, to me it felt like he was cutting a bit, scrapping and then heard this buzzing sounds and smelled like something was burning (my skin).
Got it removed 6 hours ago and the area where the mole was looks red and slightly indented, leaving a crater look on my skin. I know I will have some degree of a scar, which I am fine with that, but will the skin look indented like it is now or will it minimize and even out once it starts to scab and new skin begins to grow. I know is too soon to be worrying about the end result but honestly, I don't like how is looking right now. It looks like someone carved into skin.
If you have had a mole removed did the skin where you mole was look indented and did it even out when it healed?


I had a facial mole removed while I was under anesthesia for a malignant melanoma removal. It was actually held closed with a suture. It healed just fine. What you are talking about is a shaving technique followed by a cauterization to stop bleeding. There may be a slight depression where the mole was removed, but it should be almost unnoticable.

Better a slight depression that a malignancy that could end your life.