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Theres this mole on my face just below my eye and it started as a small dot. Now its the size of a pea and when I touch it it hurts but it itches all at the same time.


Hi there! Anytime you notice a vast difference in your moles, you need to get those checked ASAP! I think you are OK, the reason I feel this way is I have a VERY rare syndrome, and have had 60 skin cancer lesions (from this syndrome) I just had - what is called MOHS surgery - and the facial surgeon said that Basal Cell Carcinoma's DON'T hurt or itch! I wasn't too certain about that, but he is like one of the top docs in North America. So it's best to ALWAYS be safe than sorry - when it comes to strange moles on your face especially! Good luck - and ALWAYS wear sunscreen!