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A few days ago, I was looking online for a natural remedy to remove my mole. Since right now it's the summer, I really wanted to do something about this mole because I think i'd look way better without this mole on my face, approximately under my nose but to the right 3cm. So as I was saying, I was looking online for a natural remedy to remove my mole and I found that a lot of people have used ACV (apple cider vinegar) to remove their moles. I then decided to try this out, so I went and bought me some ACV. 
Now it's been 3 days since I've used the ACV on my mole, and I'm not sure if i should stop or not. The reason for that is because my skin formed a "crater" like hole with my mole in it. So it kinda looks like googly eyes. Anyways, i think my skin got irritated by the ACV and now the skin around the mole is starting to turn really red and the red skin part is turning into a scab I think? Also my mole is already kind of hard so the scab made by my skin and my mole looks to have formed together.. I really want to just peel off my mole at the moment. My question here is, should I let the skin heal first and stop the treatment, or should I continue? 


Stop treatment.

You have a mole, on your face.  You don't want it to scar.  

See a dermatologist for treatment options and diagnosis.  Is it just a mole or is it something else?