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Okay it is time for me to get rid of these moles. I think I would look 10 times better without these things on my face. The moles I have are all flat and are about 1/4 of a small pencil eraser in size (smaller actually..) and range from a slightly tan color to light brown to small black ones on my neck. I do not want to go to the doctor so any kind of freezing/laser removal is out of the question (there flat anyway, it would probably make a scar).

I've heard of all sorts of treatments ranging from apple cider vinegar, castor oil/baking soda, iodine, garlic...

Edit: I did have "bloodroot paste" on here but after some research on the pastes effects on moles and cancerous skin bumps, I decided to remove it. Apparently the pure paste can have a side effect on some skin. Which leaves the mole where the paste applied a deep crater filled with infection and puss. I even saw a picture of a man who had a tumor on his nose and used pure bloodroot paste on it, it infected the thing and swelled his nose and made it all red and in the end disfigured his nose by leaving a giant gaping hole in the side of the nostril when the paste ate through the cartilage and skin!

I know the dermatrend brand mole remover has in fact bloodroot paste in it but I believe this to be a diluted paste instead of pure. Either way I'm not going to be using or documenting ANY products that contain bloodroot. As they say, better safe than sorry.

And I am not here to promote one product over another, I am simply comparing each products ingredients and researching the ingredients nature and side effects. Like I was saying dermatrend includes a black salve (bloodroot) see for yourself: ****

Scroll down to "Ingredients" and you will find: Sanguinera Canadensis (Bloodroot paste), vegetable glycerin (coconut oil) , mineral salts, distilled water.

Now, whether bloodroot is capable of doing such damage to the skin is beyond me, for all I know it works very well but companies are hoaxing it to make it seem bad. But like I said earlier I would rather not find out if the side effects are true or not.
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So anyway, the only "natural home remedy" I've tried was the apple cider vinegar and I was testing it on a raised black mole on my arm. It did shrink the mole so it wasn't raised but it never got rid of it, probably because I stopped treatment; my skin was to irritated. And also probably because the acidity was only 5% (I heard you need at least 8%), any more than 5% and my skin would mutate or something =p.

But I'm not a weekend warrior, I'm here UNTIL I get these facial imperfections removed with a non-surgical home remedy one way or another. This thread will be kind of like a journal for me that way maybe somebody with the same problem as me will come across this and it will help them.

I'm going to start with baking soda/castor oil method but I heard you only use it on raised moles, not flat ones. Regardless I think I've heard the most success with this technique, so I'll give it a test run and try on a small flat light-tan mole on my face, and a darker brown (VERY slightly raised) one on my neck.

If this yields results I will continue to use on other moles. If not I will move onto Iodine, if that somehow doesn't manage to do anything then I will try a product called "***" which is a mole/wart remover that can be ordered online, and even better it is bloodroot free.

Any comments and criticism is welcome because make no mistake, I am NOT giving up and and I AM going to get rid of these things! I urge anyone who has ever felt embarrassed by these imprefections to post and share your experiences, problems, and cures you've tried.


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I ran to walmart today and picked up some USP Castor Oil and a box of 500g Arm & Hammer Baking Soda. I didn't know what the exact proportions were but was told that it should be a gum type viscosity. I stored the paste in a plastic film container.

I plan on applying the paste 2-3 times a day on my days off and once before bed on work days since I won't have time to apply throughout the day.

Since I've seen a few smaller moles pop up over last year I researched more on it and read that new moles are caused by a potassium deficiency, a nurse told me the same thing when she saw the white dots on my finger nails.

Thus I am going to start taking:

-1 tablespoon of 5% apple cider vinegar a day (This stuff is horrid but has loads of potassium)
-1 Vitamin E Pill in the morning
-1 Potassium Pill in the morning

Day 1 - Sunday, January 06 , 2008

Even though I said I would test the paste on a few moles I skipped that and went ahead to applying to the lot of them. I scratched the round black moles (slightly raised) on my neck with one end of a pair of scissors and then applied the castor/baking soda paste on about 5-6 of them. The area became quite red. I also did the same thing to about 4-5 very small flat tan-ish brown moles on the side of my face.

20-25 minutes later the moles on my neck sting and are a little swollen; there is also a small round ring of redness around each one. The small flat moles on the side of my head however do not sting and are not very red. I will try to scratch them harder and re-apply the paste.

Update: I made sure to scratch a little harder this time on the flat moles on the side of my face and re-applied paste, did the same thing to the ones on my neck. It burns, A LOT now. Its almost unbearable, but I hope this is a sign that it's working!

No noticeable differences to the moles yet!

Update: While I was reading online a strange idea popped into my head. I decided to head into the kitchen and grab the bottle of Apple cider vinegar I had used a couple months ago. I decided to grab an ear swab and dip it into the ACV and then dab it onto the moles I had applied the paste to.

Instantly on contact the ACV started bubbling and fizzing. I applied decided to do this to all the moles I applied the paste to. And they all bubbled and fizzed once in contact with the apple cider vinegar.

A side note I noticed it stung really bad once I put it on there. Well anyway I hope this was significant and I still don't know why I decided to do that but I hope it helps.

I have one more treatment of paste left before bed so this is the last update for today.

Day 2 - Monday, January 07 , 2008

Well I woke up this morning and checked everything out and I can kind of see some of the moles are indeed very slightly smaller; but nothing real significant. They are a lot darker to. This is a work day for me so I won't be doing 3 treatments per day until the weekend. Only 1 treatment before bed.

Another side note that the redness around the moles has gone down a little , but there is still a small ring of red around each of the moles around my neck and side of my face. It is kind of noticeable but who cares, I'd rather look bad for a couple of weeks than still have these on my face for many more years.

I thought about putting some ACV on them before I left but if anyone doesn't know its some strong smelling liquid so I decided not to.

Well, I will give an update later tonight.


I have many moles too. castor oil took forever with recurring moles. ACV worked with those little round bandages left on for 24 hours. But now I have round light skin where the bandages were. I look like a leper or something where I did this. I have white spots on my nails chronically too. I just read everywhere on the net that this is commonly a sign of zinc defficiency and never read mention of potssium. I read on ONE random website that moles and warts were signs of potassium deficiency but could not find it anywhere else. I am looking into zinc more now. Apple cider vinegar definately works and I've tried black walnut tincture and castor oil with no success. Do not mix garlic and Apple cider vinegar, it will burn your skin severely leaving a blister like my experience. Scratch the mole and apply often on a weekend but do not trap the vinegar with a bandage or you'll get lightened round areas around the mole. Use only apple cider vinegar from health food stores with "mother" bacteria floating around in it, that works best. Keep us updated!


I have a TON of moles as well. They are all on my body, none on my face. I scar really bad when they are removed, the scars end up becoming keloids, so as you can imagine, I'm also avoiding any surgery, as they just make the mole into a huge scar. I've heard of the dermatend, but now that I've heard more about the bloodroot, it worries me that it could do the same thing. If you have come across any other techniques that you have found to work, I would be grateful to hear about them. Thanks for the info so far, and hope to hear more about it soon.


The white dots on your nails are sometimes called zinc dots, however they do not indicate a zinc deficiency. Zinc dots may actually indicate adequate levels of zinc. But most of the time they indicate an old injury to the nail. Though an interesting tidbit about nails: The lighter colored "moon shaped" spots at the base of your nails, depending on their size, can indicate how well your thyroid is functioning. The larger the size, the better it is functioning. Your thumb nail is always the biggest, and should be excluded when looking. Please note that this is NOT considered a scientific test, and if you are concerned about your thyroid, consider consulting a physician.

As far as the topic goes, I am currently trying ACV on one of my moles. While it is causing some minor irritation to the skin, it seems to be doing the job.


I started using apple cider vinegar six days ago to remove a mole on my face. I actually have 15 raised moles on my face, but just started with one to see if it would work. I soaked a piece of a cotton pad in ACV, put chapstick on the skin surrounding the mole, placed the cotton on the mole and put a bandaid over it and went to sleep. The next day I noticed that the mole was not soft and smooth anymore. It was sort of crusty, you might say. I have repeated the process each night. Today, my mole is pretty hard and is black as opposed the light brown that it used to be. The chapstick protects my skin from getting burned by the ACV. One thing I realized was that I needed to cut a slightly larger piece of cotton from the cotton pad so that it would cover the top and sides of the mole. I just use the round cotton pads that you use to apply toner to your face or remove makeup. I am hoping that within the next week it will fall off. I will let you know what happens.


Hey guys. The best solution for non-surgical method of removing a mole is WartMoleVanish. It is an award winning method that is even accepted in mainstream stores now because it works so well. It does not contain blood root or zinc butter.

Basically you gently scratch or rough up the mole with an emery board and then apply the WMV solution onto the mole. It has a small stinging feeling that doesn't even hurt at all. You place a band aid over it afterwards and within a few days it's already scabbed over. About a week and a half later without even realizing the scab will just fall off and your mole will be completely gone as if it were never there to begin with.

It's kind of expensive though since they give you only a tiny spec of solution for $79.99 which is enough to remove 2 very large moles or about 4-5 small ones. I removed a huge mole on my back and one of my head VERY easily. I was seriously dumbfounded at the fact that it actually worked without any surgery or anything. There was no scar left over and all that was there after all was said and done was my own beautifully clean normal colored skin.

I also suggest to those who are using apple cider vinegar or any other natural remedy that they rough up the mole before applying anything to it. The way a mole is killed is by attacking the root of the mole in the center of it. If you just apply stuff to the top of it its not going to get rid of it. You need to rough it up with either an emery board or a small sharp tool to scratch it gently. This allows any solution to seep into the mole and get deep down to the root of it. That way it kills the cells where the mole starts and works its way up.

With the WMV cream the mole will turn really black and a tiny bit of skin around the mole will be reddish but its not a big deal. It doesnt damage your skin and only attacks the mole. After the process is done the entire area just looks like blank clean skin. COULDNT BE HAPPIER!!


well i've looked a little into this kind of stuff
but all i usually find is that apple cider vinigar.
so i guess i'll use that.
im glad i found this,though.

im embarrassed as well about the moles on my face.
i have one on my forehead between my eyebrows,
(its kind of small) and i hate it javascript:emoticon('%-)')
anyways, without it i would look SO much better.

--i hope that apple cider vinigar works for me. %-)


I just started using regular Vinegar, and regular Baking soda to remove a mole on my stomach. I started using this method about 3 days ago, and my mole scabbed over, and I peeled it off, and now it's gone. For now, at least. I dipped a cotton ball in the vinegar, rang it out, and then dipped a bit of the ball into the baking soda. This causes a chemical reaction, but I applied it to the mole, and put a band aid over it. I did this once every day, and on the second day, it began scabbing over. It was very sore, but this method is the most effective way to remove a mole. :-D I guess chemically burning off a mole actually works. :] Good luck guys!


Hey guys! I tried the ACV on a mole of mine last week and it did shrink the mole and there is now a scab over the mole site; however, I now have a RED ring around the mole site that looks terrible!!! Did this happen to your moles? If so, how long did it take it to go away?


Actually I think that if I understand what you're talking about properly, I definitely went through that and it doesn't go away as best I can tell, I'm sorry to say. I think it fades with time just like a scar would. Is that what you're describing however?


Baking soda = alkaline
ACV = Acid

Mixed together = Bubbles (Acid + Base) .. probably not going to have the same effect.

ACV by itself worked *great* for me. Scratched the surface with rough sandpaper, got a bandaid, soaked the cottony/compress part in ACV then applied over the mole. Left it there overnight .. within a week, had shrunk, gone scabby and fallen off. The redness takes another week, depending on how fast you normally heal, I guess.

I just used standard supermarket ACV too, not the organic stuff with the mother still in it.

2 thumbs up!


I too share the embarassment. my back and chest/stomach is covered with moles. i probly have close to 50 all together on my whole body. I want nothing more than for them to be gone. some are raised, some are flat. I hate them. I can't take my shirt off in public or in front of a girl....i mean i could....but i REALLY dont want to. so iam on a quest to have them all removed one way or another. iam skeptical about home remedies because i honestly dont think they will work and if they do they will probably take alot of time/patience. so iam going to go see a dermatologist soon. I just wonder if they can remove flat ones and how much it will cost.


Finally I have found people who want their "spots" removed just as much as me.


I heard of the ACV method is very effective on raised moles...

but just a quick question, does the ACV method work well on flat black moles? I have HEAPS of embarrassing flat black moles all over my body and on my face! I'm always too embarrassed to look up when I'm walking in public because of my black moles on the face, they're very noticeable! So I always walk with my head down. I have this 1 big black mole on the side of my chin which I am particularly embarrassed about...I've had this mole since childhood & I've always wanted to get rid of it!

Please help!