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I had a surgery in 2007 to repair my sternum since then they had removed the nuss bar and I have been having my ribs seperate from the sternum. what can be done? I have seen things called struts that could repair this condition but would they work on some one in his late 30s? I was told by 1 medical proffesional that an airbag if deployed in a car would kill me from the concussion. what can be done to help me?


I had open heart surgery in 2012.  Someone suggested that I get the airbag in my car deactivated.  Since the law prohibits getting this done, I am thinking about contacting a Representative or Senator.  Maybe you could do the same?  My sternum didn't completely heal on the lower half.  Feels weird.  No pain, though.  But the air bag would not be good for it