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I have had this pain for over a year now and every time I cough or yawn it hurts terribly. Back in February 2002, I had shoulder surgery for spurs and that is the last time I have had any pain, but now it is in the back part, any suggestions?



Hi fellow shoulder blade pain sufferers,

I am so frustrated with my shoulder blade pain and I am glad to have found others who might understand. I am a 43 year old hairstylist, and since we are posting height and weight, I am 5'3" and probably 120.

Although I have been doing hair on and off for about 24 years, about a year and half ago I bought and took over a hair salon that I had been working in. I went from working 10 hours a week (prior to my ownership) to working 45+ hours a week and taking over a HUGE clientele that the previous owner left me. I am the type of person who likes to please people, so I have a hard time saying NO. I would go above and beyond getting that last person squeezed into my day even after the point of exhaustion. Oh and I forgot to mention that when I took over the salon, I did not have any employees, so there was only me doing all these haircuts, color, perms etc.

Anyway...I am thinking this had led up to my shoulder blade problem. I pretty much stand behind a chair all day long, my arms are raised all day long, my neck is lurched out over my body, and I have to wear 3 inch platform flip flops just to keep my heighth over my customers sitting in the chair. It can be quite uncomfortable of a posture, on neck and upper back and shoulders.
I began having some issues with my neck and upper back about 6-8 mos after I bought the salon. I had a client who was a chiropractor so we began to "trade out". Once he was able to "pop" my upper back, I would have weeks of feeling great and no upper back pain. 5 mos ago my chiro up and moved out of the country. I began to feel the upper back and neck issues and did absolutely nothing about it because I didn't know who to go to at that point, so I ignored the pain.

One day, I was sitting on the computer in the salon (yes I am a computer addict too) and I was eating something and as I swallowed the food, and it went down my throat as it passed this area in my shoulder blade *left shoulder blade* and it hurt. I didn't think too much about it and thought maybe I had slept wrong on my back or something. It really felt like when you get a stiff neck pain, but in my shoulder blade. So this went on for like 3 weeks, and I also noticed like Torgrimson who posted earlier, that when I kept my body stationary and turned my neck back to look over my shoulder that my WHOLE shoulder blade from the bottom of it to the top by my neck had that "wicked" pain. So I decided to see someone at Urgent Care. Well of course right away they wanted to do a chest x-ray, EKG, and blood work. I did all that and it all came out normal. Then I got scared. WHY did they want to do all that?? So this PA doc came in and she says that maybe I should have my stomach checked out....I am assuming because I mentioned the pain upon swallowing in the shoulder blade. I then went to a GI doctor a few days later and had a barium swallow test done. Again Normal. So now it's been 3 months. I haven't gone to anyone else....other than a MYOPRACTOR...who assures me it is muscular related, but she can't figure out why her adjustments are not helping me.

Yesterday I woke up with severe muscle burning pain in upper shoulder blade area (think of the space between where your neck curves down into the top of your shoulder blade) well OMG, that pain was there ALL day. It was burning SOOOOO bad, and of course the rest of the shoulder blade was nothing but achy. It's all LEFT sided. When I bend my neck and look down, then touch my chin to my right shoulder, I can feel pain that goes from my upper left neck, down to the bottom of my shoulder blade.

Now...I am on the computer ALOT. when I get off work...first thing I do is check email at home, or even before I leave work. At home sometimes I sit for hours in front of the computer with my shoulder slumped and my chin resting on my left hand as I surf. I am thinking it is a combonation of me working doing hair with arms held up all day, then on computer for few hours every night.

This pain is frustrating. It NEVER goes away. Nothing touches it, no Ibuprofen, Ben-Gay, Tiger Balm, Bio-freeze, etc. I can numb it with ICE, and occasional vibrating massager....but I have been to massage therapy..does not help....chiro/myo...does not is always there lurking. I especially feel it when pulling my car out of the driveway and I have to turn my head body to make sure I'm not backing up over anyone or anything.

Ironically, it reminds me of the same pain I had 7 years ago when I had a herniated disc in my low back. I dealt with that for months, I had pain down into my foot only on right side. Saw all kinds of doctors, nothing helped and ended up getting epidural shots that took the pain away. I wonder if I have a herniated disc in my neck at this point?? Sure feels like it.

We should start a yahoogroup to discuss or shoulder blade pains and what helps and what doesn't etc.


Just curious if you are still having the shoulder pain. I just saw your post today. I am having a problem with my left shoulder blade too. And when I eat, I feel pain when the food passes that point.


 know that this post is coming years later but I have been a hairdresser for 10 years working many many hours in the salon.  I have horrible posture at work.  No one ever said anything to me unitl the pain started that I was standing weird.  (Thanks for telling me now!)  I too have shoulder blade/shoulder pain on my left side.  Not only that, about one year ago, my shoulder pinched and pain shot up into my neck and I couldnt move my left side.    I have had an xray of my spine, ultrasounds on every part of my stomach, and lots of bloodwork.  I also had two mris of my neck. 


All tests were negative. 


I recently have been having pain from the shoulder blade to the rib cage.  I believe it is nerves and muscles combined causing pain and numbness. Found  I have torn muscles in my shoulder blade and have problems with my rotator cuff clicking.  Going to the doctor soon for an xray of my shoulder because that is where the pain radiates from.


Hope you found out what was wrong.