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For the last year or so I've had urinary problems which were eventually diagnosed to bladder neck dyssynergia (functional bladder neck obstruction) - a condition which effects young and middle aged men. I tried alpha blockers and, although they helped a bit, they didn't do enough.

Upshot is that I had a bladder neck incision on 6 March. Op went well and and at home recovering. Urine stream is about three times better but other symptoms (frequency, feeling of not quite finishing) still there. Uro and Doc say that this is to be expected and it can take up to 6 weeks or longer to sort itself out so not too bothered by that just now.

Anyone else had this operation (it also goes by the name TUIP) and what experiences have they had?


Had same surgery in 1986, and it was brutal because of blood clots forming after the surgery. While in hospital the first day was terrible, almost unable to withstand pain until I could be flushed. Upshot is this: my symptoms were not alleviated, either. Stream stronger, but frequency and urgency still remain to this day and I would never submit to another surgery. Perhaps you have enlarged prostate, which is another horse of a different color. Best of luck.