Hello. I am 32 and have a problem of frequent urination. It all first started in my puberty ( around 13 ). I was constantly seeing red dots in my underwear. At least 4 - 5 dots in 3 - 4 days time. They were clearly coming from my penis and had nothing to do with my anus. These little bleedings continued for a long time nearly during all my puberty. ( I now believe this period is the time which prostate grows in size for the first time in body ). After all these bleedings, my urinary frequency increased slowly. When bleedings ended, it was like my bladder reduced to half of its size. I lived like this until i am 32. This summer once again, i saw a red dot in my underwear. Two weeks later, all in a sudden my urinary frequency skyrocketed. I can even say that i was constantly feeling the urge. Voiding wasn't helping for even 10 minutes. I went to doctor. Doctor first gave me pills for overactive bladder, antibiotics and alpha-blockers. From all of these medicine only alpha-blocker helped me ( flomax ). With it i can stand about 1 hour without the feeling of urination. I used antibiotics and overactive bladder pills for at least 3 weeks to no good. In uroflowmetry test my flow was weak, about 7 - 8 ml per second. Doctor first suspected from bladder neck obstruction. Then cyctoscopy was done and no bladder neck obstruction were found. There was only a slightly increased bladder neck height and an urethral stricture. Urethral stricture was removed during the cyctoscopy. Now my doctor thinks my condition may improve as now my bladder will not have a blockage in front of it. But no improvement is seen since operation. And i dont believe my frequent urination is tied to urethral stricture. I believe something is damaged while bleedings happened.

If you ever heard a similar problem and its fix please share. Any help is welcome. Thank you.