Hello everyone and I'm sorry if this is a big post but these past few days I had some blood work due to my stomach issues that have been bothering me for the past 6 months to figure out what could be the issue and it turns out my TSH were pretty high (?). So I went to endocrinologist who told me that should have a couple more things checked. So all in all:

My levels are:

Tsh: 5.4 (0.35-4.20)

FT 3: 3.36 (1.90-4.40 pg/ml)

FT 4: 1.26 (0.93-1.71 ngram/dl)

Anti TPO: <5.00 ( < 34 IU/ml)

Anti TG: 18.46 ( <115 IU/ml)

Also my cholesterol levels were a little higher than normal: 207 (max is 200)


This mainly started due to high level stress and it really affected my gut. Never really had diarrhea and maybe some constipation but my bowel changes were inconsistent.I also used to have a lot of bloating which has disappeared somehow.I have also been having issues with my sleeping schedule and maybe 2-3 times a slight heartburn.Im gonna have another meeting with the endocrinologist in about 2 weeks but until then maybe someone here who has had something similar or knowledge of thyroid issues can help me understand.