Ok, I’m hoping someone can give me some information or help before I result into seeing a doctor. I had a D&C done in September 2017...was out on the Depo Shot for birth control afterwards....I was due for my 2nd shot in December, and missed it due to various reasons. December 15th I’d started my period after 5 months of not having one (due to being pregnant then I’m guessing the shot threw me off). Bled for about 2 weeks. Stopped. Week later...started again. A full week, thought it was normal periods beginning again. It stopped. Now since then, I’ve spotted. And not light pink or brownish, but bright and deep reds. Yea I’ve had intercourse within the last few weeks. I’m not really cramping with this spotting. It’ll start in the morning, fill up maybe half of a tampon and it’s over. It may come back later on in the evening, but it stops again. Could this be the birth control shot wearing off and my body trying to get back on its regular course? Or could this be bleeding and possible pregnancy? By this time now, I don’t even know when my period date is normal or when it should come on shewwww I hope someone can give me some insight on this or maybe had the same experience