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Learn that setting big goals can sometimes negatively affect your mental well being. Choose smaller, obtainable goals first and build up your confidence in yourself.

This is the time of year to rid yourself of the old habits you dislike so much, and bring in a whole set of new improvements that can give you the impetus and motivation to get yourself to a better place, be that personally, professionally, physically or mentally. Healthy and easy New Year's Resolutions​ are a great self improvement tool. And yet sometimes people forget the last point of the above. How the resolutions you make at the start of the year can help improve your mental health in the short and long term.

Don’t Get Down

A new year is a nice, new, clean slate. Any mistakes that bogged you down previously can be forgotten about - consign them to the history books. Let them leave your brain and start yourself on a path of mental enlightenment, peace and happiness. No doubt, some of the resolutions you make may fall down by the wayside, but that’s just what happens. Yet you shouldn’t let that stop you making new decisions. Failing is a part of learning and growing, and if we keep persisting to achieve your goals, the satisfaction and mental boost is so gratifying when you do. There are reasons you don't stick to New Years Resolutions and here is a few more reasons why I know setting new goals for 2017 can help improve your mental health.

Setting the Goal

There is something really great about setting a goal. If you set a realistic, achievable but challenging target within your life, and you’re willing to set the time aside to work on yourself in relation to the goal, there’s every chance that you will succeed, and this in itself will have a huge effect on the way you feel within your mind. How do I know this? It’s tried and tested by millions of people, including myself.

Attaining the Goal

Attaining a goal that you’ve set yourself gives you a huge boost of confidence, something that is massively important to mental health. A lot of mental health is based on perception. How you feel about yourself, inward, and how you come across to others, outwardly. If you can help yourself in any way, it’s by allowing yourself to achieve. It’s not dissimilar to setting a to-do list at the beginning of a week. How goes does it feel to cross away each item on the list once you’ve finished, knowing you’re one step closer to where you need to be. That’s what resolution setting is, but on a year-wide scale. If you want to run a marathon, then go ahead. But set it out in stages, go with beginner's running program. Start off aiming to run 5k in 10 weeks. Once you’ve done this, maybe be more challenging on yourself and aim to conquer 15k in the following 20 weeks. These great little stages will help you feel amazing about yourself while still being hard enough to warrant genuine effort.

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